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Fast, Easy, and Precise. If you don’t associate these words with your custom order request, you are not taking advantage of Flagstaffs logo imprinting services. With exceptional quick turnaround times and top quality results, Flagstaff Uniforms and Apparel delivers the value-added service you and your customers expect. Put us to the test on your next logo order and experience the difference. See our equipment below and enhance your brand into a work or art. Flagstaff Uniforms and Apparel can customize your brand on any apparel product from Industrial Uniforms, Career Apparel, Sporting Goods or even promotional products. 

Embroidery MachineOur Services
• Screen Printing
• Custom Embroidery-Shirts, Caps & More...

Our Embroidery Techniques
Tackle Twill/Applique

Tackle Twill is most often seen on uniforms worn by athletes. The player’s name and number is cut from twill fabric and sewn onto the garment with a satin or zig-zag stitching.

3D Puff
Urethane 3D embroidery (3D Puff)

3D Puff or Urethane 3D embroidery creates a cubic effect by placing a cushion material on top of the fabric and stitching or embroidering over the foam. The foam is completely encapsulated but the stitching over the top of the foam giving a raised, 3D effect on the finished product. 3D embroidery makes your design stand out by providing the volume and three-dimensional effect that it can't be expressed solely with the use of thread. If you want to add depth and luster to your design 3D embroidery is the perfect solution for you.

Zigzag Swing Stitch Embroidery

Zigzag swing stitching patterns are available. The best time to use this technique is for thin materials, ultra-thick materials, sequin spangle cords, which have decorative parts and cannot be stitched by cording embroidery, can be embroidered in zigzag swing stitches. Tackle Twill is most often seen on uniforms worn by athletes. The player’s name and number is cut from twill fabric and sewn onto the garment with a satin or zig-zag stitching.

Screen PrintingScreen Printing Equipment

One of the most important aspects of the textile screen printing process is keeping up with the new screen printing technology as it comes to the marketplace and knowing exactly what the customer wants up front.  Nowhere is that more frequent than in the screen printing artwork arena. With design software constantly upgrading, it is important to keep up with the latest graphics and design applications through a good screen printing resource. Let Flagstaff be that resource for design and technology and bring your screen printed product to life.


Heat Transfer Heat Transfer for HatsTechnology

We carry every type of heat transfer paper for transferring to fabrics such as t-shirts, hats, mouse pads, tote bags, flags, aprons and other materials such as leather, etc.

All of our heat transfer paper is commercial grade quality, they're easy-to-use and produce professional results!


We Use Tajima Embroidery Machines Because Quality and Quantity Matter!

"In 1964, the TAJIMA group developed a multi-head embroidery machine. Since then, we have made expensive manually produced embroidery accessible and familiar to the peoples of the world, and added beauty to their lives.

What we have cultivated are extremely artisanal skills of "sewing", advanced engineering technology of "control" to be mechanically realized, and technology of "multi-head making" suitable for our originality and ingenuity for these "sewing", "control" and "multi-head making" skills and combine and nurture them to provide high value-added products so that our products can please our customers throughout the world."

LEARN MORE AT: http://www.tajima.com